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At Sunesis Consulting, our vision is to be the leading business intelligence solution provider in sub-Saharan Africa. We have transformed businesses across the region by providing services that enhance business intelligence through skills development and implementation of pragmatic reporting and analytics solutions.

Our values represent who we are and what we stand for, and they influence the behaviors and inform the decisions we make each day. At Sunesis we’re guided in everything we do by our four core values.


We believe in Team spirit


We act with integrity and transparency


We uphold professional ethics


We take the Kaizen approach

"Where there is data smoke, there is business fire"

– Thomas Redman

All those years ago

Since 2006

We are a leading business intelligence consultant that helps businesses move from data to decisions and since 2006, we have continually worked with companies as their ultimate BI partner.

We have achieved this by using various business intelligence solutions which enable businesses to analyze their data and draw useful insights from their reports and this, in turn, helps them accelerate.

We have Partnered with both Global and Kenyan brands to provide Business Intelligence solutions to help your business be the next big thing.

Join hundreds of companies who rely on us to accelerate their business through capacity development and pragmatic Business Intelligence solutions. How can we help you?

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