Performance Dashboard and Web App

Business Situation


The Petroleum Institute of East Africa (PIEA) is a professional body for the oil and gas industry in the EA region.

The Need

The client received excel files from different oil
and gas companies in different formats and wanted a solution that could help in standardizing the excel files, consolidating the data from the excel files, a web portal where the various companies could login and upload the datasets in standard format, monetization of the datasets via the web portal and a Power BI dashboard.

The Challenge

The client received excel files from via email on a
monthly basis. The client would then take a lot of
time consolidating data from the files to generate
a report.

Given that volume of data and number of
files, there are certain analytics the client could not achieve in excel. The client wanted to monetize the final datasets and this could be possible since not
all data was in a central place. 

The client needed visual representation of the
final dataset but that could not be achieved as


  • SCL developed standardized excel templates for the client which would be shared with the stake holders.
  • SCL developed macros to extract data from the templates and  generate csv files.
  • SCL developed a web portal with different access levels, the stakeholders would use this portal to upload the generated CSV files.
  • Interested third parties would access the portal to request data and upon payment would receive the datasets

Finally, the adoption of the solution deployment
included training the trainer sessions.

  • Power BI Gateway
  • Data warehouse
  • Power BI (DAX,M language)
  • Programing(VBA, JavaScript, php, html, jQuery, asp)
  • Power BI embed (Public, Web Portal)
  • The client was able to view near real time reports.
  • The client was able to monetize the datasets.
  • The stakeholders were able to consolidate and upload data without the need to send it via emails.