Sunesis Consulting

Operations Executive Dashboard

Business Situation


Coca-Cola, an FMCG Company faced issues with data consolidation  from different sources and formats and wanted a solution that could help in automating the data consolidation, data refresh, data warehouse and a Power BI dashboard with row level security.

The Challenge

The client had excel files stored on box, one drive, SharePoint, google drive and some were shared via emails. The files did not have a standard format and therefore the client took longer periods coming up with reports.


  • Given the client files had no standard format, SCL sought to develop an ETL package that was able to extract data from different files and sources and loaded into a staging repository.
  • The data was then transformed and transferred to the central repository ready for reporting.
  • With the use Power BI tool, SCL developed dynamic Power BI dashboards and reports with different access levels.
  • The ETL Package was set to auto run at specific time intervals as well as the Power BI Dashboards refresh process.
  • Finally, the adoption of the solution deployment included training the trainer sessions.
  •  SQL Jobs
  • Power BI Gateway
  •  SQL Data warehouse
  • Power BI (DAX,M language)
  • Programing(VB,C)
  • Power BI embed(SharePoint
  • SharePoint
  • Teams

The client was able to view near real time reports with minimal human interventions.