Sunesis Consulting

Financial Reporting Automation

Business Situation


Coca-Cola’s files were stored on azure blob containers as parquet files. The client wanted a solution that could help with extracting data from the azure blob container,  transforming, remapping and storing in a central relational database and thereafter create Power BI reports and Dashboards.

The Challenge

The parquet files from azure blob container proofed difficult to work without transformation. The files were too many since were generated hourly and a day could end up with a minimum of 12 files. In a month, the client ended up with a minimum of 600 files.


  • SCL developed an ETL package that was that extracted would extract and load data to staging repository.
  • SCL developed an extract package to transform and load the data to data warehouse.
  • SCL developed a Power BI dashboard with row level security.
  • Finally, the adoption of the solution deployment  included training the trainer sessions.
  • SQL
  • Power BI Gateway
  • Data warehouse
  • Power BI (DAX,M language)
  • Programing (C#)
  • Power BI embed (SharePoint)
  • Azure
  • The client was able to view near real time reports.
  • The was a single source of truth (Central repository)
  • The data warehouse and dashboard refreshed at set intervals.
  • Different access levels allowed different groups to access different datasets from the same Power BI reports.