Why data visualization is important to your organization

Why data visualization is important to your organization

The Social Science Research Network estimates that close to 65% of individuals are visual learners. Simple visualizations were used by past civilizations to easily digest and comprehend information.

Fast forward to modern times and we see organizations using infographics, videos and photos to connect and interact with their customers, audiences and stakeholders. Forbes magazine famously quoted, “Most of us process information based on what we see. Sure, we will share something that is written: a blog post, tweet or status updated, but how many times have you heard of one of those going viral? Mostly you hear about funny or compelling photos or videos catching fire.”

The creation of memorable visuals has the potential of increasing customer and audience engagement as it breaks complicated information into easy to understand pictures and graphs. Not only is it helpful for customers and the target audience, it can also be of benefit to organization heads, business owners and decision makers.

Better known as data visualization, the process of presenting complex data in an easy to understand format often leads to important new insights across several spheres of business.

This in turn enables organizations and businesses to harness the power of visualization to educate and inform their customers, audiences and stakeholders about complex subjects.

For instance, leading search engine Google has a tool that enables businesses to create and display interactive charts and data tools on their website.

The widely respected Harvard Business Review noted in one of their articles, If you’re selling a complex answer to a complex problem, you should be embracing data visualization with gusto. Explaining a complex idea to an online audience requires a level of personalization, detail, nuance and openness that only an interactive visualization can provide.” It therefore goes without saying that data visualization is a surefire way of explaining data in a manner that is easy for customers, audiences and stakeholders to understand.

Businesses and organizations can also utilize the power of visualization to give executives and key decision makers a three-dimensional view of important findings.

Data visualization can also provide executives with a better way to understand complicated data, thereby enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Many small businesses and organizations are buried under mountains of data that haven’t yet been charted and analyzed due to limited resources and budgets.

Rather than combing through all the data and writing lengthy reports, businesses should consider using visualization software to break the data into manageable portions. Interactive graphics can provide a three-dimensional view of the data for busy executives, which allows them to make better, more informed decisions.

Data visualization can be helpful for both customers and executives. It helps customers understand the merits of a particular product or program, and it provides relevant analysis for executives who are making important business decisions.  Organizations that want to learn important new insights about their business should consider the merits of such systems.

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