Universally Applicable Intelligence with Azure Cloud

Across industries, businesses are modernizing their data platforms to leverage cutting-edge applications and advanced analytics at the same time, they are moving their data to the cloud. This combination has ushered in an era of unparalleled efficiency and digital innovation, allowing businesses to become more flexible and decrease their dependency on in-house servers and unsecured legacy software.

It has also enabled organizations of all sizes to become more efficient and productive by empowering their employees with digital tools that allow them to focus more on the value-adding aspects of their roles and less on repetitive, manually intensive tasks.

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The World is changing

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The convergence of cloud, data, and AI are fueling breakthrough innovations the volume of data continues to explode (data from sensors, social media, apps, and data found across the enterprise within documents, excel files, for example.) the scale and economics of cloud make it possible to capture and harness data.

Layering on advances in AI help unlock the potential to drive transformative insights from all types of data. Together this offers new and exceptional opportunities for people and organizations to innovate, grow faster, and achieve more than ever before. Organizations have the chance to fundamentally redefine the way they engage customers, transform products, optimize operations, and engage employees.

Case Studies

Sage on Azure by Sunesis Consulting

For most companies,on-premise servers are a huge headache. They are not only costly but are a great hassle to maintain. Most companies are now looking to host their operations on the cloud. One way is by moving the accounting software Sage to Azure cloud.

Sunesis Consulting has helped several companies migrate their Sage software from on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure. The setup is automated to start the Virtual Machine at 8 am and shutdown the Virtual Machine at 6 pm to ensure the customers save on costs.

Overview of set-up:

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Australian National University (ANU) addresses the computing demands of genome research

Regardless of the scope and importance of any research project, time and budget constraints are almost always limiting factors. When the vast amounts of data required to obtain and compare results are taken into consideration, these limitations can be severe. Further complicating this, massive amounts of computing and storage power are often needed to run simulations and cross-variable analysis, which in many cases needs to be done on a daily or near-daily basis for the project to remain on schedule.

To overcome these challenges, organizations have turned to digital transformation to empower their researchers with the latest solutions in cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to these technologies, the immense volumes of information extracted from ongoing projects can now be stored and analyzed in the cloud, allowing researchers to capture the insights they need faster and stay on time and on budget.

Watch this video to learn how scientists at Australian National University (ANU) are using the cloud and AI capabilities of Microsoft Azure to shorten the amount of time they spend analyzing and processing data, leading to faster publication and more breakthroughs.

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