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Advanced Excel + Financial Modeling & Forecasting

This course includes:

Our Advanced Excel + Financial Modeling & Forecasting course is accredited by NITA


Course Information


The course aims at equipping delegates with skills to efficiently build an effective and robust financial model based on real-world financial modelling challenges.


The ideal candidate needs to have strong data analysis skills and MUST be good with Excel at an Advanced level.”

Course Syllabus

What is it? What value do you gain from Dashboards?, Dashboard Design Principles -what do you need to know? Components of a Dashboard, Excel Dashboards Product Demo

Cleaning your data, Applying DATE & TEXT functions, Combining MATCH function with VLOOKUP and INDEX functions

Sources of information, Presentation of historical data, Analysis of Historical Data

Converting to Percentages, Grouping data fields (Dates), Viewing Top/Bottom items (or Top/
Bottom 10%), Connecting different reports to a single slicer -make interactive dashboards, How to make a slicer static

Revenues, Costs, Operating Expenses, Income taxes, Equity income

Working capital, Cash and cash equivalents, Accounts receivables, Fixed assets

Short-term debt, Accounts payable, Deferred taxes, accrued liabilities and other current,
liabilities, Equity

Calculating cash flow from operations, investing activities & financing activities

Target Group

  • Finance Analysts, Research Analysts, Business Analysts
  • CFOs
  • Risk Managers
  • Business Advisory /
    Management Consultants
  • Banking / Credit Advisors

Expected Outcome

  • Create your own quantitative
  • Harness the power of
    spreadsheets to map and predict data
  • Structure your decision making
    for optimum results
  • Understand the measurement and management of risk

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