Advanced Analysis and Visualization in Power BI

This course includes:

Our Advanced-Data Analysis & Visualization in Power BI course is accredited by NITA


Course Information


This is a five-day training. In this course, we will tackle business scenarios where you will learn, how to use Power BI and advanced/complex DAX calculations further to derive more insights from data. We use SQL Server Adventure Works Data warehouse as a sample database and the Contoso dataset. We will hold your hand and walk you through each scenario step-by-step.

This course is widely attended by SQL Server report creators with intentions of expanding their skills in the field.

  • Power BI Overview
  • Power BI Data Sources
  • Shaping and Combining Data
  • Modelling data
  • Support time intelligence by extending databases
  • Interactive data visualizations
  • Publishing and sharing
  • Direct Connectivity
  • Developer API
  • Power Bi Mobile App
  • Building and Deploying Power BI Content Packs

Course Syllabus

• Introduction to Power BI and terminology
• Studying the Power BI suite of products
• Exploring the Power BI desktop interface
• Utilizing file types; pbix vs pbit
• Examining Power BI data sources
• Understanding Power BI workspaces
• Demo: sample Power BI dashboard
• Lab: creating a Power BI dashboard

• Connecting to files
• Using excel as a data source for Power BI
• Publishing to Power BI from excel
• Updating files in Power BI
• Data refresh
• The Power BI data model
• Managing data relationships
• Optimizing the model for reporting
• Creating hierarchies
• Using databases as a data source for Power BI
• Other data sources
• Configuring data for q&a
• Lab: importing data into Power BI

• Power bi desktop query editor
• Shaping data
• Formatting data
• Transforming data
• Combining data
• Lab: shaping and combining data

• Setting up and managing relationships
• Optimizing models for reporting
• Cardinality and cross filtering
• Data analysis expression language (dax) queries
• Calculated columns
• Calculated tables
• Calculated measures
• Using what if parameters
• Lab: modelling data

• Dax time intelligence support
• Dax time intelligence functions

• Creating Power BI reports
• Managing a Power BI solution
• Lab: creating a Power BI report
• Connecting to Power BI data
• Building Power BI reports
• Creating multiple interactive visualizations
• Creating a Power BI dashboard
• Lab: creating a Power BI dashboard

• Sharing options overview
• Creating menu navigations for dashboards
• Creating dynamic tiles
• Publishing from Power BI desktop
• Publishing reports to web
• Publishing to Microsoft SharePoint
• Sharing reports & dashboards (Power BI pro/premium)
• Configuring access to dashboards and app workspaces
• Configuring row level security (Power BI pro)
• Creating menu navigations for dashboards
• Lab: publishing reports and configuring security

• Cloud data
• Connecting to analysis services
• Lab: Direct Connectivity

• Power BI Mobile App and Supported Mobile Platforms
• Configuring Mobile Devices for Power BI
• Dashboard Design Principles for Mobile Devices
• Power BI embedded

• The developer API
• Custom visuals
• Lab: Using the developer API

• Content Packs and the Content Gallery
• Organizational Content Packs
• Customizing and Personalizing Content Packs
• Data Security with Content Packs

Target Group

  • Power BI advanced users
  • Analysts
  • Developers, IT
    Professionals, Solution
    Architects, Technical

Expected Outcome

  • Performance, Patterns, and Trends from Data
  • Create advanced powerful calculations using Measures, calculated columns & DAX Formulas
  • Turn data into insight and interactive visualizations to tell a story
  • Collaboration and sharing of content on Microsoft’s Powerful platform

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