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Advanced Data Analysis & Visualization with Power BI

About This Course

This is a five-day training. In this course, we will tackle business scenarios where you will learn, how to use Power BI and advanced/complex DAX calculations further to derive more insights from data. We use SQL Server Adventure Works Data warehouse as a sample database and the Contoso dataset. We will hold your hand and walk you through each scenario step-by-step.

What you will learn
Course Prerequisite
19 Key Lessons / Online, In-person
  • Self Service BI
  • Power Pivot
  • Power Query
  • Power View
  • Power Map
  • Power BI
  • The Value Proposition
  • Licensing and Pricing
  • Market Positioning
  • Overview of the Cloud Service
  • Building a CFO Dashboard
  • Dashboard Flow and Navigation
  • Using the Demo Samples
  • How to use Q&A (Natural Language Queries)
  • Obtaining Value from Quick Insights
  • Publish to web (Embedded View)
  • Exporting Reports to PowerPoint
  • Overview of Power BI Desktop
  • Technical Options & Settings
  • Monthly Updates
  • Data Modeling 101
  • Building a Robust Star Schema
  • Importing Data from various sources
  • Query Editor Overview
  • Using Direct Query
  • Understanding Query Design & the ETL Process
  • Query Building Best Practice
  • Understanding Applied Steps
  • Data Transformations
    ᵒ Cleaning data (covers many different methods)
    ᵒ Merging Datasets
    ᵒ Unpivoting Data
    ᵒ Combining Files from a Folder
    ᵒ Appending Datasets
    ᵒ Creating Columns from Examples
  • Using a Dynamic Fiscal Calendar Table
  • Creating & Using Parameters
  • Creating Relationships
  • Handling Multiple Relationships with the Fact Table
  • Default Summarization of Fields
  • Custom Sorting of Columns
  • Data Types & Formatting
  • Build an example of Time Intelligence Report
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Implicit Vs Explicit Measures
  • Creating Calculated Measures & Calculated Columns
  • Commonly Used DAX Functions
    ᵒ Sum, Average, Count, DistinctCount
    ᵒ Time Intelligence (MTD, QTD, YTD, Prior Year)
    ᵒ Understanding Calculate and the filter context
    ᵒ IF, HasOneValue
    ᵒ Using a Safe Divide Function
    ᵒ UserRelationship Function
    ᵒ Using the Blank() Function
  • Copying and Moving Measures
  • Using Quick Measures
  • Build a Monthly Trend Report
  • Dynamic Headings & Dates
  • Types of Slicers and Filters
  • Understanding KPI cards
  • Building Tabular Reports
  • Table vs Matrix Visuals
  • Types of Conditional Formatting
  • Adding Drill Downs
  • Using Focus Mode
  • Viewing the Underlying Data Driving a Visualization
  • Customizing Report Visual Interactivity
  • Exporting Data from Power BI
  • Explain the Increase or Decrease in Visuals
  • Build a Qty Shipped Vs Qty Sold Report
  • Optimizing Report Slicers
  • Building a Year Over Year Report
  • Choosing Visuals Based on Context
  • Using Custom Visuals
  • Optimizing the use of Maps
  • Optimizing Waterfall Charts
  • Getting Value from Scatter, Ribbon & Bullet Charts
  • Moving away from 1 Dimensional Story telling
  • Understanding Row Level Security
  • Creating and Testing Security Roles
  • Publishing Models to the Cloud Service
  • Adding Users to Security Defined Roles
  • Basic Sharing of Dashboards & Reports
  • Creating App Workspaces
  • Collaborating on Reports
  • Publishing Organizational Apps for Distribution of Content
  • Adding Users & Editing Workspaces
  • Connecting to Apps
  • Organizational Content Packs
  • Role of a Power BI Cloud Service Administrator
  • Overview of the Data Gateway
  • Scheduling Data Refreshes
  • Refreshing On Demand
  • Adding & Optimizing Tool Tips
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Visual Alignment Tips
  • Custom Page Sizing
  • Using Logos & Custom Icons
  • Making Enhancements with Shapes and Lines
  • Formatting Tips & Tricks
  • Best Practice Guidelines and Development Tips
  • Removing or Hiding Data Model Redundancies
  • Understanding the What if Parameter Concepts
  • Build a What if Analysis Report
  • Showcasing Other Use Cases
  • Understanding the Value Offering
  • Using Bookmarks for Presentations
  • How to use Bookmarks to Enhance the Visual Story
  • Switching Between Chart Types
  • Use Buttons or Images with Bookmarks
  • Creating a Report Menu Page with Bookmarks
  • Consolidating Report Views onto a Single Page
  • How to Switch between Comparison Metrics
  • Creating Helper tables in Power BI
  • How to Capture Slicer Selections with DAX
  • Using the DAX 'SWITCH' Function
  • Creating Dynamic Headers
  • Showcasing Other Use Cases
  • Understanding the DAX Filter Context
  • Filtering with 'Calculate’
  • Using the 'FILTER' Function
  • Using the 'ALL' & 'ALLEXPECT' Function
  • Using Relative and TopN Filters
  • Overcoming Layout Limitations with Custom Mapping
  • Creating a Dynamic Mapping Table
  • Adding Mapping Tables to the Data Model
  • Custom Sorting of Reporting Rows
  • Create a Basic Profit and Loss Report
  • How to apply the concepts to personal data
  • Usage Scenarios
  • Mapping User IDs to the data model
  • DAX Functions for Returning Usernames
  • Adding Roles in Power BI Desktop
  • Assign Users to Power BI Security
  • Creating Parameters
  • Passing Parameters into Queries
  • Creating Power BI Template Files
  • Using Template Files with Query Parameters
  • Changing Parameters from the cloud service
  • Summarizing key concepts
  • Sharing a Power BI best practice 'Cheat Sheet'
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