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Intermediate Excel

About This Course

This course is tailored for participants who perform regular analysis on business information like product/service performance, operational expenses, payroll/wage processing, bank reconciliations, tracking employees’ info, etc. and expect exceptional figures and trends to be easily spotted as a basis for decisions (e.g. overdue invoices, sales over target, missing/repeated records etc.)

What you will learn
Course Prerequisite


4 Key Lessons / Online, In-person
  • How to fill blanks
  • Checking your data for duplicates
  • Comparing two lists
  • Using Text functions (LEFT, RIGHT, TRIM, CONCATENATE, LEN, FIND, PROPER, UPPER, LOWER) to return the number of specified characters from a given text or join two/more text strings; Text to column feature to parse data.
  • Nested IF function for data segmentation.
  • Retrieving and reconciling data made easier by use of VLOOKUP.
  • Creating a drop down list.
  • Enhancing readability with named ranges.
  • COUNTIFS your friend for conditional data analysis.
  • Troubleshooting errors: How to solve #value, #ref, #N/A, #DIV0.
  • Summarizing data using PivotTables:
    ᵒ Creating PivotTables
    ᵒ Formatting PivotTable number formats, subtotals and grand totals
    ᵒ Creating and formatting Pivot Charts
  • When and how to use combination (dual axis) charts.
  • Applications of Conditional Formatting Highlight records based on progress/status; Using data bars as in cell charts to compare values; Goal variance indicators using icon sets.
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