Advanced Analysis & Visualization in Excel

This course includes:

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Course Information


This module aims at making the process of “Data to Decisions” efficient and cost-effective. This will be achieved by maximum utilization of the most basic, easily available, and affordable reporting tool MS Excel.


Delegates need to have a good grounding in Excel Essentials concepts.

Course Syllabus

What is it? What value do you gain from Dashboards?, Dashboard Design Principles -what do you need to know?, Components of a Dashboard, Excel Dashboards Product Demo

Cleaning your data, Applying DATE & TEXT functions, Combining MATCH function with VLOOKUP
and INDEX functions

Build robust formulas -correctly apply $ sign to lock formulas, SUMIFS & COUNTIFS -your friends
for dynamic analytics, Named Ranges & Data Validation

Converting to Percentages, Grouping data fields (Dates), Viewing Top/Bottom items (or Top/
Bottom 10%), Connecting different reports to a single slicer -make interactive dashboards, How
to make a slicer static

Select the right chart for your data, Editing and customizing chart elements, Linking title text to a
cell Analytical charts, Scrolling charts

Drop-down (Pick) lists with charts, Building Navigation Buttons -hyperlinks, Excel Camera tool /
Picture Links, Using shapes for stylish dashboards -linking shapes to your analysis

Target Group

  • Finance Managers
  • Business Analysts, Finance Analysts, Data Analysts
  • CFOs, CTOs, CIOs

Expected Outcome

  • Use various techniques
    such as VLOOKUP and TEXT functions to manipulate data.
  • Present data summaries
    (reports) visually through
    charts and conditional
  • Use Pivot Tables to
    summarize large volumes of

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