Analytics for Finance Professionals in Excel

Drive productivity, efficiency, transparency and lower risk as a Finance professional.

Analytics for Finance Professionals in Excel

Duration: 2 days | 12 hours

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Drive productivity, efficiency, transparency and lower risk as a Finance professional.

Course Information

This course aims to supercharge your MS Excel prowess for data manipulation, analysis and presentation to management. Learn to solve common business problems through completing real world exercises in Excel.

Key areas covered on the course include:

  • MS Excel Fundamentals & Productivity Tips
    • Using absolute and partial cell referencing for robust formulas and to avoid hard coding;
    • Named ranges, drop-down lists, Flash-fill feature, Filling blanks in a minute, etc.
    • Sparklines for trend analysis
  • Common functions in finance/accounts
    • Comparing two lists (using COUNTIFS to match transactions);
    • Check and eliminate duplicates
    • Ageing analysis on AR & AP with Excel;
    • Consolidating budgets across divisions / Departments.
    • Comparing a budget to actuals.
  • The Power of Mapping -Creating custom and recurring management reports
    • Automating financial statements
    • Preparing Final accounts from Trial Balance
    • Build a complete Income Statement using a formula-based approach
  • For flexible reports these formulas are a must-know
    • Manipulating data extracts using TEXT functions
    • How to manage dates formatted as text
    • Use VLOOKUP to centralize data from multiple sources
    • VLOOKUP + MATCH functions
    • Using INDEX+MATCH to generate a summarized income statement
    • Dynamic lookups by using the OFFSET function
  • Maximizing on the power of PIVOT-TABLEs:
    • Interactive filters using Slicers and Timelines
    • Change the calculation & display options –e.g. show as %, running totals
    • Group dates into months and quarters with a single mouse click
    • Show top views, i.e. top/bottom performing products / sales agents / customers
    • Build a simple but interactive dashboard using pivots
    • Link multiple charts and reports to common Slicer controls
  • Implement balancing checks and flags using Conditional Formatting
    • Highlight upcoming due dates or overdue bills/premiums
    • Highlight records based on progress/status, e.g. Amber for In-Progress, Red for On-Hold & Green for Completed
    • Using data bars as in-cell charts to compare values
    • Variance analysis (progress towards a goal) using icon-sets (traffic lights, positive/negative variance indicators, etc.)
    • Using custom number formats to show variance analysis
  • Creating meaningful finance visuals
    • Understand the concepts of good charting principles and learn how to determine the appropriate chart type best suited to represent the data
    • Presenting an income statement as a waterfall chart
    • Dual axis charts
    • Modifying the axis to display units in Millions/Thousands
  • Laying out a simple model in Excel (Budget Model case study)
    • Principles of a good model
    • Sensitivity (“What-if”) analysis:
    • Auditing techniques
  • Bonus
    • Introduction to PowerPivot to create pivot reports based on multiple tables
    • Creating visuals in Power BI -a primer preview


Excel Essentials

What is the experience of my instructor?

All our Microsoft Excel instructors are confident, with many years of teaching experience.

 What’s included in this course?

  •  A comprehensive Study Pack on softcopy
  • A certificate of attendance/participation
  • Sample Payroll / Payslip Excel template
  • Charts dos and don’ts
  • Sample financial dashboard in Excel

Learners taking this course are:

  • Accountants
  • Finance Manager Analysts and Controllers
  • Credit Officers
  • Budget Managers
  • CFOs
  • Tax Professionals

What key skills will I gain in this course?

  • Create your own quantitative models
  • Harness the power of spreadsheets to map and predict data
  • Structure your decision-making for optimum results
  • Understand the measurement and management of risk

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