In business, every opportunity to market services/ products matters. Companies send hundreds of emails every month to potential suppliers and clients, among others. Statistics show that the average worker receives around 121 work emails daily.

Say your company has 5 people working in it then your company can interact with around 605 emails in a day by replying or sending and this number is much higher for companies with more employees. So how are you taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to market your products?

One of the main rules of marketing says, everyone you or your employees interact with has the potential of becoming a client or spreading the word about your products or services. This is where managing email signatures can get help one reach a wider audience.

Features of an effective email signature

It is okay to just have a name and job title on your email signature. However, what is effective is having your email signature communicate any of the features below:

  1. Name
  2. Contacts
  3. Job title
  4. Brand/Logo
  5. Social Media handles
  6. Feedback buttons
  7. Calendar bookings
  8. A promotional banner/ video

Even if the email recipient scans through the email they will be able to quickly see a product or service they did not know your company offers or an upcoming event your company is organizing.

Exclaimer Email Signature Management Solutions

For 20 years now Exclaimer has led in supplying email signature solutions for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Exchange. The solutions are great for all companies but especially for the remote working model which has grown by 159% between 2015 and 2019. With this solution, companies are able to:

Present a consistent brand identity

Consistently presenting the company branding on all emails is important and especially when employees are working from home. This is because every email interaction would be used as a marketing opportunity and therefore the company’s brand, mission, and key goals should always be represented by the employees. That means consistent signatures must always be applied to all emails sent from any device.

Further, employees should not be able to manipulate email signatures either by changing or not using the signature all together. This means the administrator can control all signatures, keeping them consistent with the company’s aims. It also enables the company to make sure its emails stand out from a sea of emails a client receives in a day.

This is achieved by:

  • Using a professional signature template that fully incorporates brand guidelines.
  • Supplying valuable content.
  • Giving correct contact details

With the above, a company can expect to make a positive impression on even the most jaded of recipients.

Use a cost-effective marketing channel

Among the most cost-effective ways of marketing products/services is through email signatures. With the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of companies are aware of the importance of cutting down costs while at the same time keeping sales that are enough to help them stay afloat. Since sending emails are a constant in most, if not all companies it makes a lot of sense to apply a display banner to an email signature template.

In addition, email signatures are one of those simple but high impact marketing techniques that often slip under the business radar.

They are:

  • Incredibly low-cost
  • Highly targeted (you know who is going to see your banners as you are communicating with them).
  • Appear continuously in any email sent by your company.
  • Supply valuable information (subscribing to a newsletter, reading a press release, watching a video, etc.).
  • Are trusted and will always be business relevant.
Engage and empower employees

Email signatures are a fantastic way to engage with remote workers and give them more of a sense of empowerment. When people are working in separate locations, communications become increasingly important. There is a risk some employees might feel isolated and not necessarily know what is going on from a company standpoint.

While Email signatures are not going to replace collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Team, they provide a way to subtly provide essential information to all employees. For example, a simple message in a signature template could be used to remind everyone about the best ways to keep their physical and mental well being. A banner can be used to link to important news sites or provide useful advice on how to be more productive when working from home.

Also, adding a simple 1-click survey to all email signatures is a quick and effortless way to collect this information without having to constantly ask everyone to fill in lengthy questionnaires. This quick feedback can allow management teams to respond accordingly. It is even possible to give employees different signature templates to choose from depending on the nature of the email conversations they are having.

Maintain and improve customer satisfaction

All companies depend upon creating positive customer experiences and keeping high satisfaction levels is necessary. Going back to the 1-click survey idea that was highlighted for employee feedback, a similar survey can be used to gauge how your customers feel about support they have received. These responses can be gathered
quickly, letting an organization action them swiftly.

If a lot of positive responses are received, these can be followed up with a special promotional offer or a case study request. However, if there are many negative reactions, these can be quickly followed up to fix what the issues might be. This helps to decrease customer churn and checks overall satisfaction

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