Data Analytics for Finance Professionals & Auditors

Skill Level
12 Hours


This course aims to supercharge your MS Excel prowess for data manipulation, analysis and presentation to management. Learn to solve common business problems through completing real world exercises in Excel.

Completing this course will help you with:

  • Emerging MS Excel and Power BI technologies for business analytics.
  • Advanced analytical skills to shape, manipulate and visualize business data.
  • Creating a dynamic Excel dashboard from raw data.

Course Prerequisites

The ideal candidate need to have strong data analysis skills and MUST be good with Excel at an Advanced level.

Learning Path

  • Compare two lists of data.
  • Extract a number of characters from a text using Text functions.
  • Retrieving data from a database lookups.
  • Combine data from multiple sheets using INDIRECT function.
  • Functions to analyze a company’s business performance.
  • Build dynamic data tables for sensitivity and scenario analysis for Budgets.
  • Prepare final accounts from a TB.
  • Guide to choose the right; Creating and customizing charts.
  • Advanced chart concepts dual axis charts.
  • Creating dynamic scrolling charts.
  • Conditional formatting of charts.
  • Non standard charts and their usage.
  • Creating and editing conditional formatting.
  • Customer number formats.
  • Create interactivity.
  • Enhancing the feel and look of dashboards using shapes.
  • The Camera tool and/or Linked Pictures.
  • Guidelines/Considerations of dashboard design.
  • Working with multiple sources of data.
  • Automating common data shaping tasks using Power Query.
  • A sneak preview of the Power BI.

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