Skills Assessment: Avoid the Astronomical Cost of a Bad Hire

Imagine the cost of advertising, sifting through thousands of CVs then having several stages of interviews and still not finding the right talent. This is a situation that faces most Human Resource Officers who need to interview candidates for technical positions like data science specialist or business intelligence experts.

While it’s easy to establish if an interviewee is able to gel with other staff, has a vision for career growth and has the right degree or diploma, it’s not easy to establish whether they have specific technical skills that allow them to work efficiently and effectively.

Seeing as there are thousands of applicants due to the few job opportunities available, how do you establish which candidate has that extra skill that could distinguish them from the rest?

According to a 2019 survey by Shortlist that sought to understand talent acquisition trends in Kenya, “organizations receive 200 CVs on average per role advertised, with some organizations occasionally receiving as many as 5,000 CVs for each role!”

The above statistic is among the reasons we are excited to launch our Competency Recruitment Assessment test which you can easily plug into your interviewing and onboarding process. It  makes it so much easier to establish whether a candidate has the core skills needed for a particular position.


A competency assessment that will test their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet manipulation skills. This will help you understand the level they are at and if the skills they currently have, makes them a close fit for the position.

An online training during the onboarding process. Say a candidate has excelled in the competency assessment with a 70 to 80 percent but needs some extra knowledge on how to handle specific company tasks, then our online training program is perfect for bringing candidates up-to-speed with company data analysis needs.


Bringing down operational costs is one of the most important goals for most businesses. This is what our skills assessment program will do for you. Others include:

Easier interview process: A good percentage of companies cite the reason for not doing proper screening of candidates as, having a short time when interviewing and onboard candidates. According to Shortlist, “Time is the primary cost driver especially since interviewing takes up to 19 hours while CV screening and shortlisting take up to 18 hours per role”. Incorporating a skills test can help in narrowing down to the right candidate quickly and easily.

Perfect Talent: Encountering interviewees that stretch the truth about their abilities on their CVs, only to find out during the onboarding process that they don’t have the right skills can be quite frustrating.  Our skills assessment program will help you ensure the candidates you hire are well suited for the job.

Lower training costs:  One way to cut operational costs and/or redirect funds to other company needs is by using this skills assessment program. If you get the right talent during the initial testing process, then there’s no need to train the candidate, which significantly reduces the cost of hiring a new employee.

Future prospects: The business has prospects of further success in the future by hiring adept employees throughout the skills assessment or training them through our courses.

Accessibility: Since most companies have moved their operations online, we have a great way for you to get the right candidate to fill a position in your company. Our pre-packed Microsoft Excel course is online and hence easy to access and execute. In addition, they have assignments and competency tests that ensure the candidate is fully prepared to join the team after onboarding is complete.   

In a nutshell, any enterprise seeking to hire new employees in Finance, HR, Operations or any field that uses data, should look no further than the Sunesis’ Skills Assessment for data experts. The benefits are immense for both the employees and the business as a whole. We promise a breezy interview process!

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