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At Sunesis Consulting, our goal is to give you the ability to uncover the story within your data and make you feel in charge of the report production process.

We do this by offering thoroughly researched training. The results include countless hours saved in reports generation, improved productivity and generation of meaningful reports with less re-work, thus supporting quicker management decisions. These have all been reflected in our clients’ feedback.

In order to ensure that our clients fully gain from our training and that the trainees gain competence and become productive after the training, we conduct continuous research that ensures participants are exposed to practical work scenarios on how to apply the concepts taught. This is further enhanced through our training methodology which involves conducting training need audits for participants, developing/customizing content depending on participants’ needs, writing training proposals, conducting training and offering post training support.

Read on to learn more about our effective training solutions:

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Excel Power Modules

These courses are designed to bring any diligent student of Excel up to speed in understanding how to use Excel today. The Excel Power courses prepare you to analyze and report with agility. They are tailored for people at varied skill and competency levels in Excel and can also be customized to fit individual training needs:

Excel Essentials

This is the basic/introductory level of MS Excel. It will introduce participants to basic formulas and formatting techniques in Excel, to create basic reports that usually do not involve large and varied data sets. You will also learn charting and printing principles.

Duration: 12 hours (or 2 days)

Mini-Intermediate Excel

Working professionals work on very tight schedules which makes it difficult to attend 2 or 3 days’ training programs.

This course is designed to focus on 4 key critical areas that our trainers are “must-knows” to work effectively in Excel.

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Duration: 1 day

Intermediate Excel

This course is tailored for participants who perform regular analysis on business information like product/service performance, operational expenses, payroll/wage processing, bank reconciliations, tracking employees’ info, etc. and expect exceptional figures and trends to be easily spotted as a basis for decisions (e.g. overdue invoices, sales over target, missing/repeated records etc.). This course addresses intermediate skills that expose the learner to data mining techniques that save countless hours. Become more effective in your reporting processes. Gain useful data manipulation skills!

Duration: 12 hours (or 2 days)

Advanced Excel

This course is tailored for those faced with the task of analyzing large, and usually unstructured data sets to provide useful insights for decision making. It is for experienced Excel users tired of VLOOKUP short-comings while consolidating data and are looking for flexible methodologies to analyze, visualize and present reports.

Managers and Executives who have to manage, analyze and prepare reports for managerial discussions will find this course most beneficial. Apart from learning the advanced formulas, we equip you with the know how to debug and audit those formulas as well as how to use which formula for which occasion (and also know few alternatives for any given formula problem).

Duration: 12 hours (or 2 days)

sunesis consulting

Automation in Excel

This course is designed for users who have already leveraged on the rich set of features in the standard Excel user interface BUT are looking for an easier and faster way to perform mundane, repetitive data manipulation, analysis and reporting processes.

Preparation and analysis of data can be time consuming! Imagine having to, for instance, consolidate over 30 files into one master, and then analyze to give reports -how long would it take? This course is built with these scenarios in mind. It gives you the potential to reduce a 3 days’ workload to a 10 minutes’ task.

The learning curve is however steep and the learner is expected to at least be an Intermediate Excel user (see the outline below) to cope.

VBA Introduction

This course will introduce you to Visual Basic for Application (VBA), an event-driven programming language for Excel. Creating macros in MS Excel will help you save on time spent repeating various mundane tasks such as realigning columns of data through copy pasting from one sheet to another or sending out emails on standard reports weekly, among other tasks. A snapshot of the key concepts covered in this module include:

  • Creating a macro through recording
  • Understand variables and data types
  • Overview of the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and the object model
  • Modifying code generated after recording, using the VBE
  • Use of message box, Input box and User forms
  • Error handling

Prior Knowledge: An Intermediate level of Excel skills coupled with being a regular user of Excel for reporting is assumed.

Duration: 18 hours (or 3 days)

VBA Advanced

This module is not for the faint-hearted. It is aimed at those who are solidly grounded in Advanced Excel native features and have actual work processes that need automation. It offers the learner an opportunity to interact with other MS Office application such as Microsoft Access.

  • Work with files effortlessly. This may entail, using a macro to open a given folder, open various departmental reports/budgets stored there and consolidate into a file used to load into the ERP
  • Implement various loops to perform conditional tasks
  • Develop templates to automate complex tasks e.g. pivot tables, charts, etc.
  • Enrich interaction on executive Excel Dashboards

Duration: 18 hours (or 3 days)

sunesis consulting

Excel for Professionals

Excel is no longer only required in the accounting profession. Excel has touched every modern department in the organization. These courses are tailored to different groups who increasingly need to prepare departmental reports and have similar needs in terms of reporting processes.

You can sample from the following:

Analytics for Finance Professionals in Excel

One key requirement for a career in the finance industry is “Advanced Excel” skills. The ability to present data in visually appealing dashboard is on high demand. Unlike other enterprise systems, however, most accountants and finance professionals rarely receive formal training in Excel to improve their skills and enhance productivity. As such, bad habits are passed down. This course has been specifically researched and designed for practicing (regular users) professionals in the finance industry; Accountants, Finance Managers, Analysts and Controllers, Credit Officers, Budget Managers, CFOs, Tax Professionals, etc. This course is probably for you if:

  • You want to beat the tight month-end deadlines and frustrations
  • You want to prepare for higher courses offered at Sunesis Consulting – e.g. Financial Modeling in Excel, Dashboard Reporting in Excel

Duration: 12 hours (or 2 days

Advanced Microsoft® Project

Whether you are developing a new product, restructuring an organization or constructing a house, this MS Project course will equip you with relevant skills on how to initiate, schedule, track and monitor, and successfully deliver a project to a close. The following is a snapshot of what is covered in this training:

  • Define project scope and key milestones
  • Creating a Project Plan
  • Managing Tasks in a Project Plan
  • Managing Resources in a Project Plan
  • Managing project costs

Duration: 12 hours (or 2 days)

sunesis consulting

Analytics & Visualization

We offer the following courses:

Data Analysis & Visualization (Dashboard Reporting) in Excel

This advanced course equips you with skills to create visually rich, interactive and insightful one pager reports (Dashboards) that help in presenting and tracking KPIs and other metrics relevant to the organization. As a result, the process of decision making and departmental discussions is smoothened as stakeholders can read from the same script.

For those who have to dig through multiple worksheets to get the info they are looking for, this course will show you how to distill relevant information into a one-worksheet dashboard.

The learner is expected to be conversant with Intermediate Excel concepts such as VLOOKUP, Pivot tables and charts before enrolling for this module.

Duration: 18 hours (or 3 days)

Advanced Data Analysis in Excel for Finance Professionals and Auditors

Good action oriented management reports are the basis for effective and successful businesses. In this era of big data and analytics, accountants, auditors and finance professionals must brace themselves with the capacity to manipulate, analyze, interpret and present data insights to drive business change, as opposed to being the traditional bean counters.

This unique programme shows you how to improve your productivity in reporting, data mining & analytical work by combining the various advanced tools and features of Microsoft Excel to fulfill your monthly data transformation tasks in an automated fashion.

Duration: 18 hours (or 3 days)

Data Analysis & Visualization in MS Power BI

This course covers all necessary topics to help you to connect/import and integrate data (usually millions of rows) from multiple sources, generate a useful data model and publish functional dashboards to the cloud/online.

Are you tired of heavy Excel files and broken links? Are you interested with real-time reports, available even on your mobile device, anywhere? This course enables you to gain visibility into the core business metrics giving your company a competitive edge.

Duration: 18 hours (or 3 days)

Advanced PowerPoint

The course aims at enabling you to leverage on available techniques in MS PowerPoint that moves a presentation from a boring to an amazing one. Sifting data coming from Excel into compelling data stories using visuals, key presentation shortcuts, creative use of animations and working with shapes to enhance communication are some of the deliverables.

Duration: 6 hours (or 1 day)

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