The never-ending need for business to find the best possible way to execute operations cannot be overstated. That is why Microsoft continues to update its end-to-end data platform (Microsoft Azure) that aids business to store and retrieve data quickly, easily and from anywhere in the world.

As noted by, Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, there are three core capabilities that when applied together, help to revamp business operations. They include:

  • Limitless database scale and performance
  • Unmatched analytics and insights
  • Unified data governance

Below, we will share recent updates on above Azure cloud capabilities as shared by Rohan Kumar.

Updates on database scalability and performance

  • The latest SQL Server 2022 update enables easier cloud integration due to the novel disaster recovery functionality for SQL managed Instance and seamless analytics over on-premises operational data with Synapse Link for SQL Server.
  • Secondly, Azure SQL Managed Instance is now providing more room for app growth by offering additional memory per vCore and increased storage (upto 16TB) for both general purpose and business-critical service growth.
  • Also, the general availability of Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, provides the ability to provision managed native Apache Cassandra clusters with automated deployment and scaling operations, accelerating hybrid scenarios, and reducing ongoing maintenance.
  • Lastly, Flexible Server (preview), is a new deployment option for Azure Database for MySQL. With Flexible Server, users get a fully managed service designed to provide maximum control of their databases, high availability options to ensure zero data loss, built-in capabilities for cost optimization, and increased productivity enabled by the Azure ecosystem.


Updates on analytics and insights

  • Azure introduced Azure Synapse Analytics that eliminated the barriers between enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics. This has made it easier for data experts to collaborate, build and manage their analytic solutions.
  • The Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB is a simple, low-cost, cloud native HTAP implementation that enables immediate, in-the-moment business insights. Azure continues to invest today with the general availability of Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse, enabling immediate insights with high-value Dynamics 365 data, and a preview of Azure Synapse Link for SQL Server 2022. Azure Synapse Data Explorer is joining the existing SQL and Apache Spark analytical runtimes in Azure Synapse—a highly scalable engine to automatically index structured, semi-structured, and free-text data commonly found in telemetry, time series, and logs to surface enriched insights that can directly improve business decisions.

Updates on data governance

  • Azure Purview, the unified data governance service, helps businesses manage and govern their on-premises, multi-cloud, and software as a service (SaaS) data. Azure Purview ensures your Microsoft data estate is governed through deep integrations with data services in Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and more. Every organization can now build a unified data governance solution to maximize the value of their data in the cloud.


With the above capabilities, business can transform operations by shifting to Azure cloud platform.