Management Dashboard
Clients: Rift Valley Roses
Date: 10/19/2023


A data dashboard is a tool businesses use to track, display and analyse data to gain insight into the overall wellbeing of an organization, department, or specific process. This solution allows RVR to connect different metrics, data sources, APIs, and services to help the company extract relevant information from different sources and display it in user-friendly ways. It works like a car’s dashboard it allows the organization to understand how far along you are on your journey and how long it may take to get where you want to go. It organizes and displays important information briefly to help you understand your company’s most valuable data and unearth answers to crucial questions. The management dashboards display specific metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) and allows you to gain vital Business Intelligence and gives you the ability to dive deep into specific pieces of information to continually monitor business success.