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Our Master Data Management (MDM) solution integrates all essential business data wherever they are such as transactions and interactions into a solution – single dashboard view, allowing you to unearth hidden insights that fuel productivity and growth.

We have 15+ years of experience in Business Intelligence and Microsoft technologies

What is Power BI?

Power BI is the industry-leading business intelligence tool that aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end-users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Bridge the gap between data and decision making

Organizations are under pressure to deliver better products and services, through more meaningful experiences, in the most cost-efficient manner. Constantly changing market conditions and evolving consumer preferences add to an already intense competitive environment. A connected business is one that leverages all available data to anticipate customer needs, manage the supply chain, deliver great products, and mitigate risk.

The information needed to succeed is already available. However, it is often compartmentalized, erroneous, and inconsistent, impairing your capacity to comprehend and respond to ambiguity. Customer, product, and supplier master, and other data can be obtained in a variety of systems and sources, with varying levels of completeness and accuracy. The format and definition of data can also differ. This makes it difficult to quickly evaluate which data is most appropriate for usage and to aggregate data for analysis and action.

Data Integration & Warehousing

We consult our clients as to integrating various systems and extracting data from multiple sources. We’ll extract the needed data from third-party systems, create a secure infrastructure and prepare it for further use.

Data Modelling & Analytics

Our strength in data analysis will work closely with your in-house analysts, research your data sources and business objectives and help extract valuable insights by developing all the needed data models.

Data Visualization & Custom Reports

We help develop robust Power BI data visualization and custom reports based on various data sources and sophisticated data models which are used to inform key decision making.

Trust an industry leader

Gartner recognizes Microsoft as a Leader for the fourteenth consecutive year in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

Happy Clients

We are partnering with companies to accelerate growth through implementation of Power BI solutions.

What you stand to gain

Unmatched analytics

Access powerful semantic models, an application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit, an open connectivity framework, and fixed-layout, pixel-perfect paginated reports.

Find answers fast with industry-leading AI

We utilize Microsoft’s AI to help prepare data, build machine learning models, and find insights quickly from both structured and unstructured data, including text and images.

Get unparalleled Excel integration

We connect Excel queries, data models, and reports to Power BI Dashboards—helping to quickly gather, analyze, publish, and share Excel business data in new ways.

Turn insights into action

Go from data to insights and insights to action. We combine Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate to easily build business applications and automate workflows.

Our Power BI Solutions

In our quest to democratize business intelligence, we have provided BI solutions developed using Power BI for different industries. 


Accelerate accurate, and timely financial consolidation and reporting

Some KPIs to track:

  • Track revenue
    and expenses by
    regions, business
    units, products, and
  • Gain visibility of your
    end-to-end cash to
    cash cycle.
  • View payment terms,
    order fulfillment, and
    billing accuracy.
  • Achieve greater
    accuracy from
    forecasting, planning,
    and analysis.


Optimize supply chain resiliency, flexibility, and continuity

Some KPIs to track:

  • Ability to match and
    link supplier, material,
    and product data
    from multiple internal
  • Understand purchases
    (volumes, suppliers,
  • Understand supplier
    performance, financial
    health, and regulatory
  • Cleansing &
    consolidation of
    procurement data.

Product 360

Increase product conversion rates, basket size, and

Some KPIs to track:

  • Understand product
    purchases (volumes,
    suppliers, locations).
  • Identify products
    are more likely to be
    purchased together
    & identify alternative
    products that can
    substitute for out-of-stock items.
  • Gain insight
    into fulfillment
    performance, & what
    inventory is available
    to promise.

Customer 360

Ability to improve customer retention, loyalty, and engagement

Some KPIs to track:

  • Understand customer
    purchases (volumes,
    suppliers, locations).
  • Understand which
    particular segments
    or customers are
    more susceptible to
    churn and identify
    alternative products
    or services to retain
  • Gain deeper insight
    into the financial
    health of your

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