Office 365 Deals You Should Take Advantage Of
Office 365 Deals

Office 365 Deals You Should Take Advantage Of

May 5, 2020 | Blog, Product, Service |

The President recently extended the nationwide curfew by 21 days meaning it is still not business as usual for Kenyans and this is similar for many countries around Africa. We are aware of this and that is why we have been putting out cloud computing resources that can help businesses stay afloat. We will continue with this endeavour of informing businesses owners and their staff about computing options they have by covering some great Microsoft Office 365 deals on this article.

The beauty of cloud computing solutions is that they can be installed remotely through a simple subscription. Office 365 is a line of subscription services by Microsoft that provides cloud-computing solutions like accessing Microsoft Office from anywhere or Microsoft Teams that allows for easier collaboration among staff remotely. If you want to know more about what Office 365 can do for you click here. Let us get into it.

Office 365 Deals

  1. The Office 365 E1 licence

If you are a small enterprise then you want to go for this licence. This is because you will get 1 month free trial, how amazing is that? Other than that, you will have access to:

  • Web based Microsoft Office applications and business service
  • Create an email system for your organization, file sharing, meetings and instant messages
  • Create layers of security that keep your data safe
  • Enjoy great speeds 99.9% of the time
  • Gain access to Microsoft teams, which is a great communication app

*Note that this licence does not include Office desktop apps meaning the internet is needed to access the applications offered by Office 365.

The following add-ons can also be enjoyed during the trial period:

  • Get a calling plan where you can either use an existing phone number or get a new one.
  • Access to audio conferencing tool where attendees dial up into a meeting or through single touch join options through a PC or mobile
  • Modern voice with phone service that helps you make, receive and transfer business calls.
  • Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365 that takes care of the user data residency needs and location controls.

Note that after the trial period you will not lose data collected using the above add-ons for up to 3 months even if you do not pay for an Office 365 subscription after the trial elapses. Full functionality will be restored once subscription the user gets a subscription.

Get set up on the cloud by getting the subscription for this Office 365 deal. Contact us here.

  1. The Office 365 A1 Licence

Every school should acquire this licence. This is because not only is the licence free but it has great tools for both teachers and students. This is because they have access to:

  • Web Office Apps including Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One note
  • Services like Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, One Drive, Exchange, Sway, Forms, School Data Sync, Stream, Flow and Yammer.

Access to tools like Microsoft Teams is great for both teachers and students especially now that children are learning from home. With Microsoft tools, teachers can connect with their students through video or audio calls and chats.

The Office 365 A1 licence also helps teachers enhance teamwork by co-authoring write-ups while enjoying auto saving options and easy file sharing. They also access:

  • Video conferencing tools
  • Unlimited personal cloud storage
  • Accessibility to learning tools
  • Easily manage emails among many others

On the other hand, students can:

  • Collaborate easily and remotely
  • Receive school work easily through email
  • Gain access to teachers through Microsoft teams
  • Access useful learning tools for different subjects
  • Stay organized with one note and digital notebook
  • Access unlimited personal cloud storage among others

Set up, maintenance and training of the features that come with this licence is as easy as contacting us here.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a way of ensuring effective collaboration among staff in a business. It brings together chats, meetings and Microsoft 365 in one place.

This Office 365 deal will have you get 1-month free trial. In addition, you get tools that will help you enhance teamwork and better communication. This is because the tools in this package aid in facilitation of meetings, and easier and faster communication remotely.

Other features you will access when you get this deal include:

  • Exchange Foundation – a messaging solution that gives users access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.
  • Flow for Office 365 – a tool that helps create faster responses by automating repetitive tasks like notifications and alerts.
  • Forms – a solution that helps users conduct surveys and quizzes. It is very useful especially for educational organizations
  • Microsoft Planner – a solution that enhances teamwork by helping users create plans, assign tasks, monitor progress, communicate and collaborate with other users.
  • Microsoft Whiteboard – a digital canvas that users meet to discuss ideas
  • Office Online – Provides users access to all office applications on the cloud
  • Microsoft Teams
  • PowerApps for Office 365 – a software that helps users build tailor-made business applications
  • SharePoint Online Kiosk
  • Stream – a solution for managing and viewing company videos
  • Sway – a story telling application that helps users to combine text and media to create presentable websites
  • Yammer Enterprise – a social networking service used for private messaging in an organization

In terms of storage, all data that is stored during the trial period will not be lost. Functionality will be restored after getting a full subscription.

We have your back

Don’t wait any longer to move your operations to the cloud. Our team of experts are here to walk with you. They will help you set up and maintain the above applications remotely. We also conduct training on how to use the above features. Contact us here to get your Office 365 deal today.

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