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Migrating Sage Database from Local Hosting To Azure Hosted Instance

With work largely moving from the office to home, solutions that help in migrating systems to the cloud are very crucial. Below is a brief tutorial on how to move SAGE Database from local hosting to Azure Hosted Instance.

The process

Step 1: Provision an Azure account

Step 2: Set up a VM with the following configurations:

a) Windows 10/Server based on client preference

b) Provision SQL instance – can be express (which is free) or paid instance

(i) Set-up SA account

c) VM Settings > Networking > Inbound Rules > Add inbound port > Enable port 1433 under destination port; protocol to be TCP.

d) VM Settings > Change IP from Dynamic to Static

Step 3: Go to local SQL instance and take DB backup of the SAGE Database

Step 4: Restore said backups to the SQL instance in the VM created in step 2 above

Step 5: Retrieve SAGE installer and copy it to the VM created in step 2 above and proceed to install

Step 6: After successful SAGE install in step 5 above, Open SAGE and perform SAGE configuration

Step 7: On the local machine to access the remotely hosted SQL instance, go to settings and provide the IP of the server and port for SQL which is 1433. From there the local SAGE instance will be pointed to the Azure Hosted SQL instance

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