Office 365 has a collection of apps that have enabled users to adapt to their remote work needs with ease. Microsoft has continually been updating its apps to improve user experience, collaboration and work productivity.

Microsoft teams, an office 365 app, has revolutionized remote meetings by enabling users to securely hold meetings from anywhere. This year, Microsoft has taken it a notch higher by introducing “Live Share (in Public preview), which gives developers the ability to take third-party apps beyond passive screen sharing and enables participants to co-watch, co-edit, and co-create in Teams”

Teams and Excel Live

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Beyond the above update, they recently announced the soon to be introduced cool feature known as Excel Live that moves sharing spreadsheets from being a one-sided affair. This means that instead of one person sharing the spreadsheet while others watch without the ability to manipulate the document, members of staff can now work together on a document real-time. This is a game changer as it further simplifies work process by increasing productivity at meetings and saving time when working on Excel workbooks.

It’s also a very convenient feature because participants who access the meeting can work on the document even if Excel is not running on their device and if they are using Excel for the Web.

Further, it supports Sheet Views that enables users to “co-edit a workbook to create customized views to sort or filter information however needed (without disrupting anyone else’s view). The workbook loads for each participant at the optimized zoom level with flexibility to adjust zoom based on their preferences. You’ll be able to set permissions or, for peace of mind, use Show Changes to double-check the edits that were made during a call.”

How it works

  1. Click the Share tray in Teams. Scroll down to Excel Live, where you’ll see a list of your recent Excel workbooks.
  2. Select the workbook you want to share. You’ll be asked to share access to the file with meeting participants. Choose Share.
  3. After sharing access, everyone in the meeting can now edit the Excel file directly from the meeting screen in Teams.

Advantages of Excel Live

  • Simplifies collaboration by eliminating the need to switch between programs
  • Saves time spent after meetings trying to capture/consolidate content
  • Promotes inclusiveness and encourages contribution among team members
  • Drives productivity

The above feature will be available for public view from the end of August. Find out more about Office 365 apps and how we can set you up here: