Maximize your digital marketing with business intelligence

We live in a digital age that has led to the emergence of social media and search engine optimization as the cornerstones of marketing strategies for local and multinational organizations. There are numerous social media channels ranging from Facebook to YouTube that are inundated in data. It is estimated that close to 5 million hours of content is uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis as Facebook attracts over 4.5 million posts daily.

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More data available for analysis has resulted in the increased use of sophisticated tools by marketers to inform their decision making.  They are increasingly turning to business intelligence with each passing day as business intelligence tools are capable of analyzing large amounts of data and convert it into comprehensive, easy-to -understand reports within a short period of time.

Here are a few pointers on how business intelligence can boost your digital marketing strategies.

  1. Elimination of guesswork

In days gone by, organizations resorted to guesswork while running their campaigns. This often led to scenarios where marketers felt short changed when it came to utilizing marketing research and analysis.  Fast forward to the digital age where guesswork has been replaced with solid facts courtesy of business intelligence.

You see, business intelligence concentrates on extracting and configuring data from various sources online. This is data that can eventually identify which online marketing channel works best for your organization’s marketing campaign.

2.Harnessing real time analytics for effective marketing

It is absolutely important to carry out real time data analysis during marketing campaigns owing to the steady stream of fresh data.  This allows marketers to improve their performance and optimize costs simultaneously.

Business intelligence tools and platforms with real-time analytics offer two clear benefits:

First, they allow businesses to create real-time customer response and support systems.  Customers will always expect your brand to respond to their reviews, the success of your online marketing campaign depends on how quickly and competently you can handle online feedback from customers. Secondly and more importantly, having the right data helps you personalize how you target as well as interact with your brand audience.

Using real-time analytics enables organizations and brands to implement timely and precise marketing strategies.

3.Understanding consumer behavior through social analytics

Through the use of business intelligence tools, data such as social likes, mentions, shares and comments can be easily collected and used to aid marketers understand the online behavior of their intended audiences. This data can then be used to determine among other things, the volume of your website’s traffic, it’s origins as well as specific content being searched on your website. This will in most cases prompt you to modify your site’s content with the express aim of drawing more traffic to it.

It can also determine information around social media interactions which may offer great insights from consumers around issues such as brand perception, effectiveness of outreach programs or reasons why your product or event is struggling to get a foothold in the marketplace. Using social analytics will additionally give you the ability to audit the success of your marketing campaigns and benchmark yourself against the competition.

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In conclusion

The significance of business intelligence is something that cannot be wished away especially as we continue to witness an exponential rise in the amounts of online data available for our consumption. These massive amounts of online data can however be deciphered into simple yet comprehensive reports thanks to the strides being made in business intelligence.

Business intelligence offers a solid and consolidated way insight into various marketing strategies, making it easier to determine which methods are working and which require attention. The three tips shared above will help you boost your digital marketing efforts with business intelligence.

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