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How Microsoft Azure has Transformed Organizations

A case study of Sunesis Consulting

Sunesis Consulting offers training and solutions for data management and analysis. In its years of operation, Sunesis has worked with various companies in and out of Kenya and trained thousands on how to better their data management skills. Over the years, Sunesis has tested different data management and communication platforms for its internal operations. The company has moved from the use of G Suite to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Microsoft Azure.

The transition to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure was majorly necessitated by the need to have the company’s IT systems in the cloud. The company found that the versatility of Microsoft Azure is brilliant compared to other cloud platforms. This is because Azure is a cloud-computing platform that offers three main options: Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS), and Software as a Service (SAAS).

This has allowed Sunesis to not only use the services of Microsoft Azure internally but also outsource data management services to other companies. Using these services, companies can focus on their core business while making informed decisions.

The Journey

Sunesis transitioned from G Suite to Microsoft 365 due to the fact that a separate license for Microsoft Office Applications is needed when using G Suite. Further, Microsoft 365 subscriptions came with other useful applications like One Drive – file storage and sharing cloud solution and various other collaboration tools.

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According to a Business Intelligence Analyst at Sunesis, the move to Microsoft 365 and Azure platform provided “not only a secure way to store company data where it is easily accessible from anywhere, but also a platform that has enhanced staff collaboration ”. The company continues to use Microsoft 365 as its productivity platform and Microsoft Azure platform for cloud solutions.

The Exodus

Financial System

Other than Microsoft 365, the company moved other applications like its Sage Financial System to Microsoft Azure. The company migrated its Sage backend from their on-premise server onto a VM hosted on the Azure platform. This has made it possible for the finance team to work from anywhere when performing various financial processes.

Moving Sage to Microsoft Azure means that financial documents like invoices, quotes, Customer statements, etc can easily be accessed from anywhere by Sunesis’ finance staff. Therefore, despite the Corona Virus Pandemic, Sunesis’ finance officers can easily access work documents from home.

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Email System

The company moved its email to Microsoft 365 meaning collaboration is easier and faster for company staff because email in Microsoft 365 is the backbone of workflow processes and various collaborative activities.

An excerpt from a previous blog post reads: “It is impossible to imagine any organization in the current age operating without email. Microsoft 365 has an inbuilt email server (Exchange server) that enables an organization to manage all its staff email accounts in a central server in the cloud. Each user is identified uniquely by their email and the creation of group emails is just a click away to ensure that users within a pre-defined group (department, project team, etc) can be communicated to via one email address.”

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Before Sunesis started using Microsoft 365, all company documents were stored within the on-premise server. This made it cumbersome for staff to access documents when they were not in the office and when there were extended power outages. The move has not only improved access to documents but has also provided a secure and centralized way of storing documents.

Microsoft Teams

The company’s main collaboration platform is Microsoft Teams. Previously, Skype for Business was in use. Microsoft teams come integrated into Microsoft 365 unlike Skype for Business that has to be paid for separately. Further, Microsoft Teams has many advantages over its counterpart including:

  • Better chat options such as group chat options that allow workers to collaborate effectively
  • A mobile application making it easier to work remotely
  • Better screen sharing options
  • Better image sharing options
  • Better document collaboration options
  • Ability to invite a user without a subscription

The benefits that come with Microsoft Teams plus the fact that it is accessible from a server in the cloud make it a great option for a cloud-based collaboration platform.


Sunesis has been able to provide data management and analysis solutions to various companies in Africa. Sunesis was able to implement and deploy a cloud-based dashboard solution for a local multinational company using a combination of VM, SQL DB, and Power BI all hosted in the Azure platform.

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Seeing as everything is in the cloud, the company is able to access all data easily, store it in a secure place and enjoy fast response time on various activities.

Sunesis can also implement:

  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Azure Machine Learning Services
  • Azure Databricks

these are the key benefits of using Microsoft Azure Technology:

Future-ready – With its versatility and timely updates, Microsoft Azure will keep your company ready for any market changes. A good case in point is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hybrid – Microsoft Azure provides tools and services that are designed for the hybrid cloud. Therefore, operations can be conducted on-premise, on the cloud servers, or at the edge.

Build on your terms – App developers have an array of choices because, with Azure’s commitment to open source and support for all languages and frameworks, developers are free to build how they want and deploy where they want.

Security – Backed up by leading industry security experts and compliance, Azure is one of the most trusted cloud platforms by enterprises, governments, and start-ups.

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