Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Skill Level
6 Hours


This course is tailored for participants who perform regular analysis of business information (product/service performance, operational expenses, payroll/wage processing, bank reconciliations, tracking employees’ info, etc), and expect exceptional figures and trends to be easily spotted as a basis for decisions (e.g. overdue invoices, sales over target, missing/repeated records, etc).

Completing this course will help you with:

  • Data cleansing techniques.
  • Prepping your data for analysis.
  • Data mining and analysis techniques.
  • Visual presentation of data (charts and pre built conditional formatting).

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisite. 

Learning Path

Learn and understand the Excel environment: Quick Access Tools, The Ribbon, and recent updates to the app.

Using $ to create robust formulas (relative, absolute, and mixed references).

  • Some key functions to generate summaries (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, ROUND).
  • Find the highest and least values from a list (MAX, MIN).
  • Use of Logical Functions (IF).
  • Sorting & Filtering data.
  • Find & Replace.
  • Freezing panes to show important data while scrolling.
  • Adding comments.
  • Text-to-column feature.
  • Applying borders, color & number formats.
  • Save time using the Format painter to replicate formatting.
  • Remove gridlines.
  • Reporting using Excel tables.
  • Grouping feature in Excel.
  • CTRL+B.
  • CTRL+Z.
  • CTRL+Y.
  • CTRL+U.
  • CTRL+T.
  • CTRL+1.
  • Formats.
  • Formula.
  • Value.
  • Transpose.
  • Selecting right chart.
  • Creating & formatting/customizing chart elements to make it more effective –bar, column, line, pie/doughnut.
  • Charts best practices.
  • Prepare worksheet for printing (margins, page breaks, print area, printing headings on each page).

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