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The Excel-Competency Recruitment Assessment is administered to ideal candidates to determine their current level of understanding of Excel in the advanced stages of recruitment. This helps in narrowing down to the candidates with the ideal skillset and spreadsheet knowledge required for the role.

By conducting this Excel-Competency Test, you can ensure that the personnel advancing to the next stages already possess the necessary knowledge for a specified role. Click a link and take the test, no confused logins.

Add Efficiency

Identify the most qualified candidates that accurately represent their capabilities.

Operational Costs

Hiring mistakes which can be very costly. Also, notice gaps that your best candidates have, to better plan their training plan.

Hire Top Talent

Get the crème de la crème ensuring new hires are already skilled and ready to roll.

Increase Productivity

Select the most ideal candidates that will hit the ground running and add immediate value to your team.

We have 15 years of MS Excel Experience

We have helped companies navigate change through skills development and implementation of pragmatic reporting and analytics solutions.

Patrick Ngotho

Managing Director

Reuben Nzioka

Assistant Manager Training

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Trusted as Microsoft Excel masters in Sub-Sahara Africa, 15 years and counting

“We now have a much better understanding of the capabilities of Excel and are able to make better use of the solution in our day-to-day tasks. Sunesis has continued to engage and assist us even after the training which is a very commendable thing..”

Finance Manager - Simba Corporation

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