Enhancing workplace productivity with Microsoft Intelligent Solutions

“Today I have been really productive!” You have probably said these words or heard them repeatedly. However, what does being productive really mean? Is it ticking off all items on your to-do-list? Is it delivering your work or project in time?

As a popular adage goes; “It is not the number of hours you put into the work, it is the amount of work you put into the work”. Based on this, productivity therefore is not about working longer hours but about working efficiently in the hours assigned to finish certain work. Productivity can be summed up as “Can I get my job done in an easier, faster and more effective way?”

This means that increasing the simplicity of getting work done, increases productivity. One of the best ways to ensure simplicity when accomplishing your tasks is by ensuring you use the best and latest tools and technology. Imagine, for instance, a farmer using a fork to dig an acre of land. How long do you think it would take him to finish farming as opposed to if he was using a plough? Consequently, imagine using a typewriter to write your thesis as opposed to doing it on a Microsoft Word document where you have access to basic functions such as delete, automatic grammar and spellcheck, copy and paste, among other functions.

Enter Microsoft

In today’s workplace, businesses thrive, succeed and compete best when they utilize the most recent cutting-edge technology. Microsoft has been an industry leader in transforming the modern workplace by ensuring an efficient and effective way of producing, interacting with and reporting data. Over the years, Microsoft has researched and come up with new technology and software to make our lives even much easier than before. This is also taking into consideration the changing workplace demographics, trends and an ever-changing dynamic workplace environment.

Microsoft 365 and Office 365

A dynamic work environment has brought with it challenges such as drowning in complexity, the need to do more for less, a need for more data security, a need to achieve work-life balance and wanting to be more strategic and productive.

Microsoft 365 is an intelligent solution that enables people to work together and be creative more securely. Office 365 on the other hand enables and empowers organizations to create a digital workspace in the office applications they use every day. 

The two applications enhance collaboration and sharing. With SharePoint and other Team Apps, for instance, colleagues can co-author a document, and one can also grant permission to edit and/or view the document, hence protecting data. The Microsoft Teams also enable a chat – based workplace for employees who do not sit in one office.

Interactions are made easier using Yammer, where employees can connect with their counterparts all over the country or world. Outlook on the other hand enables people to receive email and organize their calendars to achieve productivity.

Employees can unlock their creativity and create compelling content with intelligent apps and are also able to visualize information in new ways. Moreover, the application is integrated for simplicity mainly because of its cloud-based management and the fact that it is always up to date.

Data collection, input, visualization and reporting has been made easier with Microsoft Excel while PowerPoint has provided audio-visual capabilities used to make eye catching and simple presentations.

Currently, Microsoft 365 bundles are available in Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft 365 Education, Microsoft 365 Non-profit, Microsoft 365 Enterprise, F1 and Microsoft 365 Government.

Why Choose Microsoft 365 and Office 365

  1. Enhanced Communication– You need not be present in the workplace to communicate with your colleagues thanks to the email, Skype Calls, Chat workspace, among others.
  2. Reduced risk of security breach– You can choose whom to share your data with and whom to deny editing rights. With a cloud-based storage, security breach is minimized and can be thwarted before they occur.
  3. Increased productivity– Time management is easier with certain apps hence ability to optimize working routine and focus on most important task. Moreover, work is easier to do hence you are more efficient and effective thus increasing productivity.
  4. Remote working- You can work on documents concurrently with colleagues and can share at any given time for viewing or editing.

Why is productivity important to any business? High productivity helps a company/business to reduce costs, to expand its clientele/customers/operations/projects, to satisfy its stakeholders and to remain ahead of their competition.

Be wise, optimize your business operations and increase productivity by using Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Now available at www.sunesiskenya.com Call Rhoda on +254716568899 to get yours today!

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