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Christmas Discounts on our Training Portal and 2020 Highlights

Christmas is almost here and this means that businesses are winding down their operations in preparation for the holidays. 2020 started on a high note but the COVID-19 pandemic brought its fair share of challenges. It has been an all-round tough year that saw many businesses close and a major shift to digital platforms.

With the government restrictions on movement, working from home became the most preferred option. Schools, government offices and training institutions were not left behind as they introduced online courses and classes. We at Sunesis Consulting also worked hard from home to ensure that our clients got the best services during this pandemic. We remain true to our vision of being the leading business intelligence service provider in sub-Saharan Africa.

Below are some of our major milestones in 2020.

The Blog

This year we have regularly updated our blog to provide you with diverse content on business intelligence tools like Power BI and skills training articles. Some of our well received articles include:

  1. Which Data Analysis and Visualization Platform should you go for: Tableau or Microsoft Power BI?
  2. 10 Key Advanced Microsoft Excel Functions and Formulas
  3. Migrating Sage Database from Local Hosting to Azure Hosted Instance

This is our last post for the year but keep it here for more informative articles in 2021.

COVID-19 Power BI Dashboard

We created a Power BI illustrative Dashboard that worked by visualizing COVID-19 infections, recoveries and deaths. It shows high risk countries and countries that were effectively managing the virus among other useful information.

View our webinar on it here: COVID-19 Power BI Dashboard Webinar. Also, you can view the dashboard on our home page here:

Training Portal

We conducted various in-house and virtual trainings on Microsoft Excel, Power BI among other data management tools in the course of 2020. We equip our clients with skills that make data management a piece of cake.

In addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made it even easier for our clients to get certified in Microsoft Excel by setting up an online training portal. This portal can be accessed from anywhere and has comprehensive video classes. Read more on how taking this course can help you reach your career goals in 2021 here: Advantages of Studying Microsoft Excel on our Online Portal.

Take advantage of the special discount on our training portal around this Christmas Period. To register for the courses on the portal, follow this link:


We continue to provide business intelligence solutions for businesses. One of these solutions is Power BI consulting. Power BI is an analytics solution that allows you to visualize your data and even embed it on your website. This enables you to collaborate and share ideas with other people virtually.

Another solution we offer is Master Data Management (MDM). MDM helps to speed up and optimize organizational processes as it “ensures uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of an enterprise’s official shared master data assets”.

Talk to us here for data management solutions.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced as a company and as a country, we are grateful for the milestones we hit this year. We thank all our partners, clients and staff for the continued support throughout 2020.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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