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Beyond On-Premise Servers with Sage on Azure for Manufacturers

Are you wondering how to accelerate business processes at a low cost for your manufacturing business?

A good way is by consolidating your organization’s main tasks like Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), payroll, accounting, human resource, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into one modern software like Sage. This will ensure you increase profits and outsmart your competitors.

While getting Sage Software is the first step at addressing repetitive daily tasks, going beyond storing Sage on on-premise servers will keep your manufacturing business adaptable in a fast-changing business world.

This is because not only are there a myriad of benefits of having Sage on Azure, but also, most cloud-based accounting software like Sage Business Cloud, do not have adequate processing speed and functionalities that can meet the needs of a large manufacturing company.

It therefore makes a lot of sense to have Microsoft Azure as a cloud host as it has guaranteed uptime almost 100-percent of the time and adequate processing speed to meet the needs of any company.

Sage on Microsoft Azure

  1. What you need: To get the ball rolling on moving Sage to Azure you need an Azure subscription from Sunesis Consulting. This subscription allows you to pay only for the Azure services that you need. You will also need a Sage account license and an SQL Server license.
  2. Azure Storage: You will get a good amount of storage on Azure that is 2.4GB of RAM for a maximum of 4 users and 8GB of RAM for 4 users and above.
  3. Azure Processor: The Azure processor has a 1.2 GHz processor for a single user and multiple users.
  4. The process of getting Sage on Azure Cloud: We had highlighted the technical step-by-step process on how to move Sage to Azure in a previous blog post which you can view here: Migrating Sage Database from Local Hosting To Azure Hosted Instance. Below is a pictorial overview of the process.

The benefits of having Sage on Azure

  1. You will enjoy 99.95% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft.
  2. You choose the Data Centre to run from. 52 regions are available.
  3. You can easily scale up or scale down depending on the workload.
  4. You will lower server maintenance costs. This is because if you host Sage on Azure servers, you will access it over the internet meaning there is no need to configure or maintain dedicated Sage server hardware on your premises.
  5. You will access Sage from anywhere there is internet connectivity.
  6. Secure access via VPN.

To view other benefits of having Sage on Azure click here: 7 Essential Benefits of Moving Sage to the Cloud

How we can help you get Sage on Azure

We have a team of data experts who are conversant with Microsoft Azure. Once you contact us we will:


  • Contact you and find out the setup of the on-premise server you are currently using
  • Give you the migration requirements
  • Get information on the number of intended users and their locations
  • Plan on the requirements for the Azure Virtual Machine and Data Base Instance


  • Interact with your current Sage Plan.
  • Based on client needs, we will create an Azure subscription and execute the steps listed here: Migrating Sage Database from Local Hosting To Azure Hosted Instance
  • Once Sage is installed, we will test to see if the configuration is effective.
  • We will then hand over and give you any operation information.

Talk to Francis at or 0736 568 899 for more details.

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