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Advantages of Studying Microsoft Excel on our Online Portal

We are ecstatic to announce that we recently launched our Microsoft Excel Training Portal. Check it out here: to start studying Microsoft Excel.

There are several advantages of studying Microsoft Excel on our online portal. Apart from helping you unlock a good number of Microsoft Excel functions and features including, cell referencing and useful data cleansing processes among many others, this course is designed to make you become more effective in your reporting process as well as gain useful data manipulation skills.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful platform that organizes data by minimizing clutter while maximizing its value. It contains spreadsheets that allow for calculation and manipulation of data.

The following are advantages of studying Microsoft Excel on our online Portal:

Affordable and Accessible

While our main focus is to provide quality training, we also ensured that the Microsoft Excel course is pocket-friendly. We provide convenient payment options and we currently have a special launching price. Take advantage of it today!

Moreover, the Microsoft Excel course is readily available and can be accessed from any part of the world. Meaning if you are out of the country or in the countryside and have some free time, you can login and continue from where you left off.


Flexibility means having the freedom to decide how and when you will study. For most people taking online classes, flexibility is very important. Once you have purchased this course, you are free to log in and study at your own pleasure and pace.

What’s more, training through our portal will help you build and acquire time-management skills as well as easily balance between study and other activities e.g. family duties and extracurricular events.

You can listen to music or a podcast as you complete your assignment. Instead of being stuck in a lecture room, you have the flexibility to use the learning style you find most comfortable.

Easy Interpretation and Organization of data

Microsoft Excel allows you to store and manipulate data for all purposes. The tools provided in the spreadsheet enable you to interpret large sets of data in a similar way to using a database. These interpretations will give a lot of insight into how a business is performing, inform decisions made by management as well as assist the organization in planning for the future.

On the same note, good organization of the data keyed into the spreadsheet is important. Good data entry practices e.g. formatting tables, exporting data from spreadsheet and common mistakes to avoid when formatting your data will be amongst the take outs from this course.

Building strong analytical and thinking skills

Learning Microsoft Excel on our portal will help you build critical thinking skills. At some point, you may want to own a business and manage the daily finances. Studying MS Excel gives a great edge on finance and money management hence building strong financial thinking.

Inculcates discipline and time management

The freedom that comes with online learning can sometimes tempt one to lose the consistency required in a learning schedule. However, because you will have to complete the course within a set amount of time, discipline and time management are crucial. This means that as a student, you must have the discipline to maintain the continuity of your preferred schedule.

How to start Studying Microsoft Excel on our Online Portal

The process of accessing this course is easy and user-friendly.

  1. Sign up – Follow this link: to sign-up for the course. Your sign-up page will look like this:
  2. Payment – Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to complete your payment through PayPal after which you will access your MS Excel Course student dashboard.
  3. Course Outline & Lessons – On the dashboard, you will view the course outline and access the lessons, and after every lesson, you will be required to complete an assignment that will test what you have understood. Some of the lessons that you will learn on this course include but are not limited to:
    • Formulas and Fundamentals Formulas are equations that perform calculations, test conditions and manipulate the contents of other cells in the spreadsheets to give a solution. This course will broadly teach you Microsoft Excel formulas and fundamentals.
    • Cell Referencing allows you to improve formulas on MS Excel. All cells on a spreadsheet have cell addresses or references. Cell referencing makes your experience of using an excel spreadsheet so much better as any change made to one part of the cell will cascade all through. This means that you will not have to manually adjust any formulas.
    • Visual representation of data– Data visualization refers to the representation of data in graphs and other visual formats to show the relationships of the data using images. Data Visualization is useful because it allows the trends and patterns to be viewed easily rather than going through thousands of rows and columns on a spreadsheet. Visualization also makes it easier to communicate the meaning of data.
  4. Certification and Feedback – Once you’ve passed all the assessment tests, you will receive a certificate and a prompt to take part in a post training survey. This survey aims at getting feedback about your training experience and the likelihood of you recommending the course to someone else.


In a nutshell, Microsoft Excel has so much more to offer other than just making tables. It may seem intimidating at first, but with this online course, you will get a better understanding on how easy and efficient Microsoft Excel can be. Pay today and start studying Microsoft Excel!

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