Professional email signatures are one of the best, affordable and efficient ways for digital marketers to push marketing campaigns. Compared to other types of digital marketing, email signatures are more affordable and have a higher likelihood of leading to conversion.

Statistics by Social show that:

  • 62% of marketers and business owners use their email signatures to promote their brands.
  • 48% of marketers use email signatures to bring traffic to their websites.
  • 66% still use email as their primary business correspondence.
  • 82% of digital marketers use signatures for brand awareness campaigns.

The above statistics are a clear indication that using email signatures for marketing campaigns is effective.

So how can you guarantee return on investment (ROI) with email signatures?

Match your email signature marketing strategy with your overall marketing strategy

The fact that email signature marketing does not have as much stigma as email marketing is an added advantage. As opposed to email marketing that is prone to phishing and spamming, email signatures are part of every email sent and act as a great way to market.

Therefore, it is important to ensure your email signature marketing strategy and overall marketing strategy are aligned. Creating catchy banners that helps attract customers through discounts, new product, or service updates and more will help you gain conversions from your target audience. You can also increase social media followers and engagement, increase email marketing subscriptions, get customer feedback, get signups for events and webinars among other conversion goals.

Speak to your Target audience

The first marketing rule is to understand how to speak to your target audience. Email signature marketing gives you the advantage of knowing the person who will receive the email and it makes it easier for you to speak to them.

Ensure you keep your audience engaged by sharing precise and timely information. In addition, do not have the same banner for too long. Plan each banner based on the ongoing marketing campaigns on other digital marketing platforms.

Have a call to action (CTA)

To make it easier for your potential client or customer to act on your marketing campaign, ensure you include a call-to-action button like “Try it Now”, “Get Consultation Now”. The right wording on your CTA will ensure you get the results you had anticipated.

Get branding right

Make it easy for your audience to recognize your brand through your email signatures. Include your logo, contact details, social media pages and legal disclaimer. Also, use your company typeface and brand colors.

To achieve a consistent brand identity for your email signature campaigns there needs to be coordination between your company designer, your HTML code smith and the person that manages your email infrastructure.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign

Finally, it is important to understand if your email signature marketing campaign is bringing in the results you anticipated. One way to measure it is “by adding what Google Analytics calls a ‘custom parameter’ to each link – banner, social media icons, etc. – you can record the effectiveness of your design and whether it is driving conversions. All users get the same experience, but you get valuable data on who does what. Google Analytics can tell whether a visit came from a click on a salesperson’s signature or a customer support adviser’s signature” – Exclaimer.

With these results you can tweak and adjust your signature to engage your target audience better.


Considering that the average person sends about 30 emails a day, you can ensure you do way more with your email signatures than just share your name, position, and contact details.