Build your business insight you can trust

Sunesis (soon’-es-is) is “a mental putting together of knowledge or understanding, i.e. intelligence or the intellect.

Sunesis Consulting Limited (SCL) is in the business of helping their clients move from data to decisions. We offer Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that enable the client to focus on getting insights from the reports.

Click the Sales Dashboard, open the interactive dashboard and see, with our solutions, what your data could look like.

Producing Business Intelligence requires 3 clear steps to take place:

  • That the right data is captured and structured in a way that is meaningful for data processing and storing.
  • That the stored data is queried intelligently to produce relevant information for visualisation.
  • That the static reports and interactive dashboards can be analysed with the information produced to give insights.

Clients have different needs. To accommodate these, we implement our BI solutions in 2 ways:

  1. Training for Business Intelligence (TBI) where we equip you with skills to manipulate, analyze and present data in as actionable reports and visually appealing Dashboards, both in MS Excel and Power BI.
  2. Solutions for Business Intelligence (SBI) that implemented in 2 methods:
    • Project Based Methodology (PBM) which is time bound and the output is a specific solution that is implemented for the client to use
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA) based methodology where we agree on an annual contract with the client that defines various processes that are performed by Sunesis Consulting Limited to ensure the client receives the necessary BI reports regularly

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